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I am Untitled. Who are you?

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UW Game Development Club

On Wednesday evening we had our first official meeting of the University of Waterloo Game Development Club.

It was great. But first I must balk about the hardships following said greatness:

I had to get up at 7AM (early for me :P) to get posters printed and spread them liberally around campus. Run over to the library -- which my residence is the furthest away from -- and print them off, then a jog over to the Engineering building to start my quest. However, the main office apparently lended out their stamp which I'm required to use in order to put up posters. I would have put them up 'illegally' anyways, but it would have seemed suspicious if I asked to borrow some tape after being told I couldn't put them up. [smile] So I cursed silently and ran over to the Math/Computer building to get to work there. Crap; the office there doesn't open until 9:30, when my first class is. So I sit on my arse for a while, go to class, and then run around putting up posters at both the Math and Engineering buildings, followed by blitzing my math assignment (which I never got around to handing in). I think I had some lunch somewhere in there.

Not long after, 4:05 rolls around -- the meeting being at 7 -- and I get an email from Kas about booking the projector for the meeting. Crap! So I call the AV guys up and ask to book it, and they inform me that I need to go over to the Student Life Centre, fill out a form, and then pick up the projector. All by 4:30. And recall that my residence is like a 15 minute walk away from anything. Run run run! Patter patter patter are my footfalls as I race over to the SLC! I blitz the paperwork, then bolt off to the Engineering building to get the projector. With only a few minutes to spare I recover the legendary Data Projector of Ogres (+7), and all is nearly well. Er, except the suitcase containing the darn thing is uber-heavy, so it's a long walk back.

Then the faithful time comes to get to the SLC (we booked a room in said building) by around 6:45, all the while lugging my expensive projector paperweight along with me. First of all, the room we had totally sucked. There was only eleven chairs, a worn-out table for the projector, and all of the doors except one were locked. Ugh. Perfect.

By the time we're ready to start -- and Kas arrives (the President) -- we had maybe 9 people show up. Okay, okay, not that great. But not that bad, either. I'm reasonably sure most of them will show up again. During the meeting about 3 more dropped in, so it was a pretty good number all in all.

Back to the meeting: yes, it was good. Kas did most of the 'presenting' of the PowerPoint, and for the brief pieces I did speak in I realized that my presentation skills were pretty bad, although it was still fun. [smile] We covered what the club was about, who we were, our open positions, the Beginner and Advanced groups, did an introduce-yourself bit, some Q&A, and then I showed a few of my games upon request. After I finished, one of the members asked if he could show some of his, to which I naturally (and enthusiastically!) agreed to. This guy -- Jeff Verkoeyen -- was fantastic. He showed some of his completed games, which got a great response from the crowd. He seems to love this stuff as much as I do, and I'm sure he's got plenty to offer us and the members. Can't wait for the next meeting!


Apologies for allowing the above section to dwarf Skirmish's, but my free time for my own gamedev adventures has been hazardously low! Assignments and labs are plentiful, midterms are popping up everywhere, and I have a devious Philosophy project around the corner! It's a myriad of academic woes!

Back on topic, my Bell Sympatico internet is now fully functional, and I'm already working on getting us online once again. The Skirmish Online Discussion Forum is once again alive, although all prior posts were sadly lost. I'll be posting updates and other crucial information to both testers and potential testers there in the near future, so drop by now and then. [sad]

As far as development goes, well, that's about as far as it goes right now, heh. :P Been uber-busy, but I very much want to get on to some code very soon! If I don't, you guys can feed on my brain. Or something. I think. (/pun)

So I bid you all good night, and will leave you with this politely on-topic comic:

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Oh. :(

Probably should have shrunk that, sorry all you small resolution timers out there!

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GameDev Guys site looking very nice. Neat design-work going on there.

Your new member certainly has created some imaginative games as well.

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Hah His partner is majoring in music too! :P At north texas though damn. :P Yeah some neat ideas going on there. I can't wait to see what comes out of that club.

Glad the forum is back up too!

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