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Okay, so my last journal entry suggested that I was trying to replace some very core compoents (array,linklist,dictionary,XMLDocument), with the STL and TinyXML

Wellllll let's just say it's not going to work.

The containers I wrote are so non-standard and buried so deep into everything, that after fixing the syntax errors I was left with a buggy mess.

So in short I guess that wont be changing, no matter how much I want it to, unless I feel like rewriting the entire codebase =/ which I don't

So i'll roll back to what I had before and continue with more features than performance; having seen what I did in the replacement I doubt I would see much of a difference in performance because the code would have been abusing the STL containers by default (needing fast insert/remove, and sequential access, and random access), it would have been better to write the game with STL in mind from the start, duh. :D

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