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One step at a time

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I think my last update was at least a week ago, if not longer. In that time I've managed to get rotation working. It's not much but I don't get much time on the computer now I work full time, so I usually spend the time browsing and playing games.

Without further ado..

I've managed to get rid of that mystery block in the top left corner. Also now all I have left to implement to make this into a game is the collision detection. It is going to be slightly more complicated than it was for my pong clone, but I'll work it out, eventually.

Also I'm trying to find a computer related job, the only real qualifications I have atm are A levels (A,B and a C) and GCSEs (9 A*-C), none directly related to computed. I'm thinking of applying for an IT Support Technician job at the local uni, anyone with similair experience think it's worth applying for? Anyone with out a degree and with a computing related job, who can give some advice as to how you got your first IT job?
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