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## Guitar Hero

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So about 2 weeks ago I decided to enter a Guitar Hero tournament at the local EB store here. The tournament is tomorrow and takes place in the middle of the mall.

Now, two things wrong here.

1) I'm not necessarily good at Guitar Hero
2) I get extremely nervous and embarassed in front of a crowd, I don't know HOW I'm supposed to play in the middle of the mall. *cry*

Today they had a qualifying round at the EB store. That was bad enough, I was shaking and really nervous, lots of people around. They're tournamenting in two brackets, Hard and Expert. I signed up for Hard. So today at the qualifying rounds, I went and did my thing. Got a phone call tonight saying that I -did- qualify, I made 3rd place, so I get to go tomorrow at 4pm and play at the mall.

I was sort of hoping that I wouldn't qualify so I wouldn't have to go embarass myself. But, alas, I qualified. So tomorrow, Guitar Hero tournament at the mall. Oh joy of joys. It's gonna suck.
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I find it helps -- at least when you can manage it -- to perform looking at yourself from the audience's point of view. Whenever I mess up in front of an audience, I just get a chuckle out of myself and keep at what I'm doing. [smile]

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It'll be alright man. Just go there to have fun playing the game. Ignore them and focus on kicking some ass.

Take notice to them when your done, when they're all cheering and clapping because you took first place.


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