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I've enlisted the help of a friend in order to develop a clearer documented picture of what it is we're aiming for with Asparagus, that way we have a better roadmap to our goal.

I've never been as good at writing things down as I should be, and have certainly paid the price enough times to where you'd think I'd have learned. But nope. Go figure.

So, the next step is to begin a detailed documentation process.

I've already gotten some notes together for the next project. Just ideas that have popped into my head. I try to keep things together in a tidy fashion so that I can retrieve them when I need them later.

In further news, the first programming milestone was completed. All of the required technologies are in place. Next, we need to begin the process of putting the pieces together, and this is where my friend will be helping me.

Soon we should have something cool to show.
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