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Stuff and lots of it!

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I cheapened out and went with glBSP. Now when loading a WAD, it checks if the glBSP file(.gwa) exists, if it doesn't then it launches glBSP and creates it. For the normal games it only takes a second, but for larger 32-map megawads it can take a few minutes. Luckily it only has to be done once and glBSP doesn't hog the CPU, so it shouldn't be that annoying. Must people will probably just stick with normal Doom anyway.

I got a lot done today. Along with implementing glBSP, I added in animated textures, the sky, music(only for Doom 1 now) and fixed a ton of texture alignment issues. The biggest thing of all though was PWADs. While the first version of Doom.Net supported custom levels, it was horribly unstable and downright shitty. This time around I built the resource manager so that the number of WADs didn't matter and so implementing it was no problem at all, plus it works just like the normal Doom PWAD loader.

And now for what people actually come here for, screen shots.

(Sorry about the crappy jpegs)
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Awesome. Makes me wonder now if it would be cooler to turn this into your own original -- despite using DooM's formats -- 3D shooter. [smile]

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Nah, then I'd have to do all the art, sounds, music, levels, etc. Unless something can stand programmer art, I'm sticking with remakes and emulators.

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