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## GH Tourney

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I got 2nd place. Should have been first, and here's why. Let's assume the following people played:


Round 1:
Tom and Bill played each other, Tom won.
Laz and John played each other, Laz won.

Round 2:
The losers from round 1, Bill and John, play each other. Bill wins.
The winners from round 1, Laz and Tom, play each other. Laz wins.
John is out for good.

Round 3:
So now the winner from round 2 plays against the winner of the losers from round 2. Laz vs Bill. Laz wins.

Round 4:
So now, the loser of round 3, Bill, plays against the loser of the winners of round 2, Tom. Bill wins.

Round 5:
The winner of round 3, Laz (whom hasn't lost yet), plays against the winner of round 4, Bill (Who has lost 2 times already, once to Laz). Bill wins (Because it was a song Laz has never played and it was apaprent that Bill had).

So ... I came in 2nd to a guy who had lost twice before, and one of his losses was against me (2 rounds prior to the final). How fucked up is that?

Yeah, I know the diagram AND the explanation are hard to follow, but I did as best as I could.

What pisses me off is everybody got a chance to lose except me. The guy who beat me even got to lose twice. =/

I guess it makes me feel better knowing that I didn't lose -at all- when everyone else did ... but it still sucks knowing that I lost to a loser.

I got a sticker for coming in 2nd place. At least I had fun.
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They should have used a real bracket system.

There will end up 2 people NEVER losing a match, those 2 go for first and second place.

If you lose (depending on the number of people, you may have to win so many before you can get into the win-back bracket) then you go down to the win-back bracket.

Two people will only lose once, they go on and challenge each other for 3rd and fourth.

Two people lost 2 times (or possibly more depending on the tourny), they go on for fifth and sixth.

Ect, ect. You see how it works. Thats a real bracket.

But personally I like a pool-based tourny better.
Lets say there are 16 people, they are split up into 4 groups, each containing 4 people.
Each person in the pool faces every other person in the pool. The person from each pool that never loses, goes on to the winner bracket for 4th to 1st place.
The 4 people who went 2-1 go on for 8th to 5th place. Ect, ect.

So yea you shoulda won ;)
BTW did you get a prize???

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Heh, I still bear a slight grudge against coming fifth in a school soccer tourney when we should have come second. The idiots running the competition put the 16 teams into four pools of 4 teams, but then made it so the winners of each pool played for the first four positions, the 2nd places for 5th to 8th and so on. Then they put what were clearly the two best teams in the same damn pool.

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