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Doing stuff

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I actually managed to get stuff done today! Yay for only semi-procrastinating!

i. I managed to bullshit my way through another abstract algebra assignment question (it's probably wrong, but hey at least I got something on paper). I think I'm going to be fucked in the exam :(.

ii. I put in the network code for replicating certain flagged console variables to clients in multiplayer, and

iii. I just finished playing around with Window Movie Maker (that program really sucks >_<) adding in new segments to my MGE demo video with footage of my 4e4 entry. Moe suggested that I should point out that MGE isn't just a "glorified model loader with physics". :P

I'm quite happy with the cvar replication system. All you have to do is register the var with VariableFlags::SyncToClients, and it will automagically get sync'ed to every client connected to the game when they first connect, and when it gets changed on the server during play. HORR!!


Anyway, bed time.
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