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Well I finally got my KuroBox sorted (the HD was fubar, so that needed replacing and everything reinstalling), so I've got my very own Subversion server all setup and I can even SSH into it remotely so now I can work on my projects anywhere I've got an internet connection. [grin]

I'm currently importing all my projects and code into subversion, and configuring my dev machine for the new layout. In the process I'm also forking a couple of 3rd party libraries I've used and added to for a while now - my intention is to refactor them somewhat, improve them, and eventually release them with proper documentation etc. for other people to use.

The project move and fork has broken lots of things at the moment, so I'm going through and fixing them one at a time. I'll probably also have to fix up some hardcoded paths in my Ant build scripts, either with environment vars or similar.

GD Showcase
I also realised that I don't think I mentioned one of my games over here at GDNet (Growth Spurt, a Ludum Dare 48hour entry). I was going to put it up as a proper GD Showcase entry, but apparently they still don't support Webstart apps. I've stuck up a request on GDNet:CSI, but until then you'll all have to go without. [razz]

Oddly enough it seems that lots of people still don't like Webstart, or are put off as soon as they see the .jnlp extension which they don't recognise. I don't really understand that, especially as it's single-click launch compared to a download-extract-run that you have to do with most .zip distributed games, *and* it'll cache and auto-update for you.

I might have a look at some kind of .exe stub wrapper like JSmooth as it seems that windows users are still stubborn and fear change - even developers. However that'll be quite a bit of work so for the time being it's just an idea for later.
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ah, I was worried about the hard drive.

I really like Webstart on OS X; maybe it sucks on Windows.

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The first version of the webstart client (which comes with 1.4) wasn't bad on windows, but it did have some quirks - the most annoying of which is a blocking (ie. doesn't start the game until it's clicked) dialog asking if you wanted to add a desktop shortcut. Since this had a tendancy to pop under whatever windows you had open it would look like the app had failed to start.

Other than that the only real problem was that it tended to cache too much, but thats only really a problem for a developer when you're uploading new versions every five minutes. For the end user it's unnoticable.

IIRC the 1.5 version of webstart fixes these problems and is generally nicer, but I think it's mostly unfamiliarity that puts people off.

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I've actually never heard of this webstart thing before, but I'm willing to give it a shot. However if I see "the coffee mug of bloat" icon appear as with most things Java related, forget it.

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