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Removing fast language switching

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Disabling the damn language switch

Maybe it's just me, but I alt+tab alot and somehow I always end up switching language as I somehow press alt+shift. This causes Windows to change language on me, so when writing Swedish all a, a, and o becomes [, ', ; which is a problem since those are common letters. I finally got fed up with that and removed it, so here's a really small for-dummies guide.

Go to Control Panel -> Regional and language options and go to Key Settings.

Select "Switch between input languages" and Change Key Sequence.

Uncheck Switch input languages. Done! Klick OK untill you're free.
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I posted about this in my Livejournal only the other day. I managed to discover this annoying feature recently by accident, and several of my friends (usually computer illiterate) suffered from it as well, one living with their changed settings for months! What were Microsoft thinking, enabling such a feature that lets you rearrange your keyboard at a single keypress without any feedback to the user? If they can show you a pop-up asking to hide icons, they can certainly show you a pop-up saying all your punctuation keys just moved...

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Yeah it's incredible. "They" ask me if I want to open the doc-file I just asked to open, in Outlook. But "they" won't ask me if I reaaally want to use the Dvorak layout on my keyboard, which I most likely pressed by accident.

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