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Whoops, got a little too drunk last night and made an ass of myself at a friend's house (after going there from the party). They were watching Xena/Hercules and I had to keep stepping out of the room for like half-hours at a time to go expel from both ends. It was pretty gross.

But yeah. Went to an OC Remix party (LOL it was a sausage fest, as predicted) and was chugging jungle juice so I could get wasted. Then they were like "HEY YOU WE NEED ANOTHER PERSON TO PLAY FLIPCUP" and I was like "Oh okay shit". I've never played like they do - 'surviver flipcup', normally just play a couple rounds but these guys took it seriously.

Too bad they sucked ass at it lols. First, I'm used to playing with full cups of beer. They only put like one gulp in each cup. One of the guys saw me with my half-full cup of jungle juice and was like "lol you've got too much thar" and I was like "bring it". I drank it as fast as he drank his, then didn't fail to flip the cup.

Had all the pledges on my team (they were eliminated) so it was down to me and a brother to take on basically the entire other team. Which means we each had to do 2-3 cups per game. Uughhhhh. At least we won. Har har!

ITT what you did this weekend.
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Original post by Mushu
First, I'm used to playing with full cups of beer.

"Excuse my while I go expell some vomit from myself :(
Flipcup <= Beer pong IMO but playing with full cups would DESTROY me!

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Yeah, it makes it more fun. We normally only play with a couple people, and don't play elimination or anything. We just throw back a few, cheer a bit when our team wins, and generally have a good time.

Its just a means to quickly get drunk off cheap beer while still having fun :3

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Sounds a bit gay to me. Did you paddle each other afterwards?

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