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Positive reinforcement in action

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I couldn't just sit still after adding the dynamic text system so I had to put it to use. The first usage is to display the score you get when offing an enemy. The type of morph used is configurable and I aim to add colour effects later to help distinguish one piece of text from another.

I may have to start issuing epilepsy warnings with these videos soon - getting a bit wild on screen now - and there's more to come!.


The fade to black thing half way through is a simple 'tranistion' animation that is going to be used to mark one level from another or progression through the front-end screens.
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Thats pretty awesome looking. I just saw the positive reinforcement video and thought it was pretty funny BTW[grin]

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Yeah... I wanted to put that into the PSP game when we were 'ordered' to put in positive reinforcement :)

Glad you like it!

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