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I had stuff I wanted todo this week... I've managed to do erm, two things, and those were look at XInput and see if I need todo anything to make it go with OGLWFW.. turns out no I don't.

So, things todo this week list;
- write proper proposal for final year project (30th Oct hand in date)
- start annotated biliography for project (first week in feb hand in date)
- do Al Gore-rithms assignment (hand in 13th Nov)
- do software quality management assignment (errm, no idea on hand in date... not until Nov I know that much)
- install WinXP SP2 x86
- install Win Vista
- ponder sound system design
- ponder OGLWFW 2 design
- get horribly drunk a few times

The last one is kinda a no brainer [grin]

The thing is, I don't feel any sense of urgancy with regards to the college work, everything is still weeks away, which is a slight problem however I really should sit down and get it done so it's out of the way and such.

The other thing I noticed this week, and those who are on my MSN list will have noticed the change in name to reflect it; I've become a hacker cliche.
As I sit and write this I'm in a small darkened room, the door is shut, I'm lit only from the light of my monitors and I'm listening to loud electronic music via my headphones (Icon of Coil for the record).... huzzah! I'm a cliche [grin]

To be honest, that was like the 2nd high point of my week my realising that... which is a good guide as to how little goes on in my weeks, heh

Right, back to trying not to fall asleep... I swear, next update I'll have something slightly more intresting to talk about... or not... [grin]
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