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Un Grande Update-o

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Sir Sapo


Thats right folks, to make up for the days of no updates, I've thrown together a huge video showcasing all the current weapons in the game, and a few other features, such as parachute drops, attack helicopters, and laser Kremlins, so start your download now, and read on!

Angels 22 Video Update: Weapons,Parachutes,Helicopters!!! (~22MB)

New Weapons
Last night I got to work updating the weapon definitions, and putting all the new weapons into the game. This took awhile, but its pretty neat, and all I need now is to put together the weapons select screen so you guys can have fun with all the weapons in the game!

Interaction Attributes
One thing Mark and I really want to have in the game is the player have to decide which weapon will be the best choice for each scenario. Initially, the only thing we were looking for was the tradeoff of cost v. usefullness. With this system, the most strategic thought the player could make would be: "I don't want to use my Laser-Guided Missile against that truck, becuase it cost a lot of money, and I can just kill it with my guns anyways...". This works ok, but Mark wanted a bit more depth, so we came up with some attributes that each weapon had, so that they reacted differently depending on what you used them against. Today I implemented a few of the attributes, such as armor-piercing, and incendiary. Every other object in the game has flags for if it is armored, flammable, etc, so that the weapons can interact with them correctly. Here are a few examples of interactions between weapons and objects:

If the target is armored and the weapon is armor-piercing, do lots of damage

If the target is not armored and the weapons is armor-piercing, do not so much damage(over-penetration)

If the target is armored, and the weapons are not armor-piercing, ricochet off the target (my favorite[grin]).

If the target is flamable and the weapon is incendiary (ie. Napalm) catch it on fire.

If the target is not flamable and the weapon is incendiary, no damage is dealt.

Hopefully this system will add some strategy to picking your loadout, so the player will think more along the lines of: "Well, this mission has lots of tanks, which aren't flamable, I should ditch my Napalm and stick with some Armor-Piercing Rockets" Also, the system should assure that no matter how far into the campaign you are, there will always be a use for the weapons you had on the first mission, because the weapons have actual changin attributes, rather than just doing more damage.

This was a feature I'd been thinking about adding for a long time, and I just got around to implementing it about a week ago. The system pretty much records all the keypresses made, and then can replay the game by virtually pressing keys at the right time. This worked okay, but if there's any timestep fluctuations, the system can fall apart really quick, so I abandoned the effort for now. Fortunately, the one good thing that came from this was an input wrapper I wrote that is making life much easier for me.

Helicopters, the Attack kind
This was something I've been wanting to do for a long time, but never had the images to do it. Well a couple days ago, Mark drew up his Mi-44 Hind II helicopter, and I got to work coding up the Attack Helicopter stuff. The AI for these helicopters is pretty straight forward, so I was able to code it in a little switch statement. There are only 5 AI states the helicopters can be in:

RTB - Returns the helicopter to its base to reload and get repaired
TRANSIT - Moves the helicopter to a new location
TAKEOFF - Figure it out[grin]
STANDOFF - The helicopter aquires a target, and launches missiles from afar
CLOSEIN - The helicopter closes in and attacks its target with guns

As you can see, these are pretty straight forward, and the hardest thing was to get the helicopter to figure out where it's homebase was after it took off. In "real-life", American attack helicopters (such as the AH-64 or AH-1) use the AGM-114 Hellfire missile to engage armored targets. When fired, Hellfire missiles climb up, and then come down on the target from the top, where armor si thinner. I wanted the missiles fired by the helicopters in A22 to do the same thing, so I added a behavior to the missiles, so that the helicopter missiles could "pitch-up" and then come down from above. Its kinda cool, and you'll be able to see it in todays video update.

Hind II firing a missile

Air Force Memorial
So my dad went to Washington D.C. to fly in the Air Force Memorial ceremony up there, so yesterday morning I got up to see them fly on the news, which was covering the event. So just before they flew over, the fucking North Korean ambassador to the U.N walked out, and that all of a sudden became "breaking news", and they switched the coverage to some "expert" analyzing what this gesture meant.... So yeah, North Korea ruined my Saturday....

Well, thats all for now, as always, comments are welcome! Peace Out!
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Just record the timesteps and replay those! I think it should look alright.

Downloading the video right now.. will watch once it's done :]

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Wicked awesome progress, and wicked awesome video! I have a complete weakness for damage types and unique damage interactions (a side-effect of being a roguelike player!), so this is wonderful. [smile]

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Guest Anonymous Poster


I say North Korea deserves a nuking for that.

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Looks good. :) But you need:
- An animation when paratroopers land!
- Muzzle flashes!
- Tracer rounds for the light gunpod!

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I liked how you fixed the "issue" of the target indicators around your plane.

Though (I couldn't see this correctly, since the monitor here is pretty bad) I hope you have fixed some of the layer stuff when it comes to smoke particles.

For example, when you are damaged (in the demo) there are particles comming out of you, but if you then fly through a cloud, the pain gets invisible, but the smoke particles appear as if the cloud is behind them (in fact, the clouds are behind them).

Also (again in the demo), it appears at times that misslies and bullets go through objects (and sometimes even appear to go through the mountains (and hills) if it's just out of the view) and the ground (so the explosion is below the ground level).

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Original post by Selkrank
Looks good. :) But you need:
- An animation when paratroopers land!
- Muzzle flashes!
- Tracer rounds for the light gunpod!

Oh, don't worry, I made Sapo a nice long list of stuff that he needs to do, although I hadn't though specifically about paratrooper animation, I was more worried about the tank pallets. The tracers are there, they are just are really hard to see in the video, which may indicate a problem in-game.

Thanks everyone, pointing out problems is really helpful(although we get most of them), and just you wait until we get another demo out...

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