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Plugs or drugs?

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Uh, we'll go for the former, methinks. [smile]

Free Plugs!

String Theory - A game by Toxic Hippo with a fantastic concept, and equally fantastic physics to match. I haven't managed to beat the game yet, but the possible implications for such a concept scream out "SEQUEL!". Check it out!

72-Hour GameDev Competition - Run by Jeff Verkoeyen, a member of the GameDev Club over at the university, this contest has already had several (very!) successful competitions thus far, and it look like another one is right around the bend. Tell your friends!

Line Runner - Oh cripes, what an awesome way to spend half an hour. Even more awesome if you check out some of the YouTube videos of what a few fanatics of this have managed to construct. Gah! And yes, I'm intentionally not mentioning what this is because words can't quite do it justice. [grin]

Skirmish Online - More clean up!

Not much progress this weekend on Skirmish. I have an Algebra midterm on Monday, a Philosophy project (and a CS assignment) due on Thursday, and a Calculus assignment due on Friday, so I essentially spent the last 48 hours paralyzed with fear. ...Or playing Oblivion. Anyways:

Some bug fixes did take place, however.

  • Previously players could not leave a game (either from Joining or Hosting) and then run another game, which was due to some silly array indexing on my behalf.
  • Also important, mouse aiming is now fully operational; no more complaints from our mouse users now, hopefully! Gamepad/joystick support is next, then!
  • Friendly/self-owned mines will appear on your radar in fuchsia.
  • All shrapnel projectiles (via Nail Bombs or Claymores) are now rougly twice as fast. Depending on how the next testing session goes, the damage may get increased, too.
  • Explosions are now 25% more lethal, making a well-aimed HE Grenade much more deadly than before.

Oh, and I cleaned up/organized the above listing for my recent project and Skirmish. Look nicer? It's Phase One of my Journal Beautification Project, arr! [smile]
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Hey, everyone else got pimpage. [crying]

Glad everything's working out for you. I have weird amounts of stress because all my lectures have conspired to align their assignments on the same exact hand-in times.

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