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After buying the Asomiv collection "I, Robot" twice, I decided it'd probably be a good idea to catalogue all the books (and the short stories in those books, where applicable) that I own. I had a few spare minutes this morning, so I went over one shelf and have recorded the title and ISBN (or, for those that lack an ISBN, misc other info that might help you find the book) of each book. They are listed below in order of their position on the shelf from left to right.

Brock's Biology of Microorganisms (0-13-520875-0)
Semantics: A Reader (0-19-513698-5)
"You And The Law"; 1971; Readers' Digest
Abraham Licoln (1-56619-360-5)
New York Times Book of Science (0-8129-1880-0)
A Wider View of the Universe: HENRY THOREAU'S STUDY OF NATURE (0-252-06620-0)
US Army Survival Manual (1-56619-022-3)
Strategy of Process Engineering (0-471-74455-7)
Engineering Graphics (0-02-342620-9)
Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach (0-07-365578-3)
Tab Electronics Guide to Understanding Electricity and Electronics (0-07-136057-3)
The Art of Electronics (0-521-37095-7)
"Basic Electronics"; Copyright 1994; Radio Shack / Master Publishing, Inc.; Evans & McWorter
Grob Basic Electronics (0-07-024928-8)
Microsoft Windows Internals (0-7356-1917-4)

There are actually a few more books on the shelf, but I wouldn't have them unless somebody else put them there, so I excluded them because they don't really tell you anything about me (and aren't "my books" so much as "books in my shelf space").

Only 10 more shelves and 3 small floor piles to go (plus 1 additional floor pile per visit to Half-Price books between now and whenever I finish) !
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