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I've been mucking through the MSDN today, and I found a couple useful console-related functions I could use, particularly SetConsoleTextAttribute(). Not too big of a change, but it does allow for setting a "default" color. cConsole::output() now only requires the string to be passed. I'm changing the order of the default variables too, so it starts with the string (a must-be-passed), then takes the flush switch (whether to flush the buffer to the screen or not), then the color, then the row and column integers. Outputting is as easy as "console.output("Yay!");" now. [smile]

EDIT: OK, so if you're a nitpicker, you'll notice that you'd have to make it ("Yay!", true) in order to even SHOW the text, but really. That's just chronic nitpicking, there.

I lied. I botched it. I'll work on it tomorrow... today. Whichever is when I wake up. [flaming]
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