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Well, I got most of the project done. I am sort of confused with constructor / destructors though. I should work with it more until I understand the concept more, but I did go ahead and finish chapter 7.

Anyway, I love working on these programs, really gets the mind working :)
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The constructor is called when you create an object. If you don't specify a constructor, the compiler defines one itself. You can overload constructors too. If you have some kind of string class, you could have a contructor that takes no arguments (just creates an empty string). Then you could also have a constructor that takes one argument, a string (the "abcdefg" kind of string in this case, not std::string), and initializes your string with that literal. The first constructor I mentioned would be created with "myString someString;", but the second one would be with "myString someString("Test");". That's basically a constructor for you.

Destructors are the same way, except you can't overload them, and they don't take parameters. If you try to have an argument with a destructor, they'll explode. [lol] [grin]

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In a nutshell, constructors are where you create objects and destructors are when you destroy objects (such as where you delete the memory you've allocated, etc).

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