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Not terribly interesting

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Superpig has said he'll have a look at the GD Showcase / Webstart issue, so hopefully soon-ish I'll be able to put everything up their, which is nice. [grin]

I'm still tinkering with my subversion setup - although I've got almost all of my data imported now I'm trying to get things configured correctly so it'll happily build and run without needing a direct clone of the setup of my main dev computer. This means I've got to fix a whole bunch of hard-coded paths in my Ant build scripts, moving everything into one Eclipse workspace would probably be a good idea too.

I also checked in a whole bunch of files that I really shouldn't have (temporary build files and annoying stuff like window's Thumbs.db) so I've got to go though and strip all of them out. Otherwise repositories get marked as modified when really they've just been viewed or built.

Other than that I'm at something of a loss for something to do. I'm lacking motivation to work on any existing games, and I don't want to start another one right at this moment. I really need to get back into looking at the Eclipse plug-ins, but the sheer volume of new things is totally overwhelming - it's a *huge* API, a whole bunch of totally new concepts, and a ton of odd xml configuration quirks and gotchas to look into.

Ho hum.
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