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A poll

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First, I would appreciate it if everyone could please vote on their favourite icon for Doom.Net. All you have to do is comment with the icons name.

Edit: The black background is because I had to convert them from .ico to .bmp to post them. Normally everyone except the "Icon of Sin" would be transparent.

- Arch Vile

- Hell Knight

- Cacodemon

- Chaingunner

- Cyberdemon

- Doom Logo

- Lost Soul

- Pain Elemental

- Pentagram

- Icon of Sin

(I left out the monsters that I didn't like or wouldn't scale properly)

Second, it would appear that I HAVE to use the BSP data, there's no other way to display large levels. I tried sorting eveything by texture and putting it in one big vertex buffer(basically the fastest method I could use) and the FPS was only around 40 on large levels(it was 3-6 before, but 40 is still crappy).

Third, I have implemented some obstacle and decoration type THINGS(yes everything in Doom is in caps). I also dropped the D3DXSprite billboarding and went with my own version. I've been working with mouselook enabled so when I would look strait down at a sprite it would appear "pasted" to the terrain. Now only the Y axis is changed.

(yes the screenshot is crap)

That's it for now. I have midterms this week(like everyone else it seems), but I'll try to have a decent renderer by the weekend.

Also, please remember to donate to The Church of the Immaculate Ravuya.
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Recommended Comments

Thanks guys, looks like the Caco wins.

Original post by Kazgoroth
I can't see any of the icons. [sad]

Yeah it would appear to be broken in IE. I'll see if I can fix it.

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I really like the Arch Vile.

Also, your service to the Church shall be repaid soon, my child.

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