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Brog Like Rocks, Good for his Tummy

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Stephen R


Well I spent alot of today working on the Kernel Chaos design doc, which is still accessible from the header. It starting to come together. I got started on the story line today and have most of the contents of Gameplay and Game World finished. Its not the most elegant writing but it gets the point across.

As a filler for this pathetically short post, ++rating for who ever names the game this posts title comes from. --rating for anyone who doesn't think it one of the funniest games ever written.
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Well the title's from Zork: Grand Inquisitor probably the best pre-rendered 3d adventure thingy (i.e. myst style) ever [smile]

I replay it sometimes even though I can remember the solution to all the puzles just because it's all so great.

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Correct. One of the best adventure games ever, and yet not many people have played it.

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