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Hackery: The Beginning

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I implemented my first hacky design today =D In the console combat game I've been working on, on the weapon dealer screen it shows your gold as a fake menu option:

I've also been thinking a lot about how I'm going to portray Jesus in the novel I'm writing in November. Right now I'm thinking it can go two ways: he can either be our common every day wholesome, good-natured Jesus, or I can make him completely badass (a la Shwartzenqweqweqew in Predator). Having Jesus scream, "Get to the choppa!" could make for a good story.

Seeing as my work on Console Combat 1 is coming to a close ("all" I need to do is implement the arena, easy right? ...) I've been bouncing ideas off myself for Console Combat 2 which is far more open ended. Right now I want the screen to look like this:

Which would be totally awesome if I did it, but might 1) be out of my league or 2) be too much for console output to handle. We'll see.

To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.
-Mark Twain
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I think your screen layout for Console Combat 2 looks very plausible. There is a good tutorial here by Benryves for doing stuff like that with Windows Console programming. You do end up with very platform-specific code though.

Best of luck with the sequel anyway. Are you going to put Console Combat 1 up in the Showcase when it is finished?

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