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Fog and more fog

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Another month has gone by again. How time flies when you are having fun. I have another issue and its with my fog. I am trying to add in fog to cover up the skyline/terrain/waterline in the distance. What I have so far is cubes that are placed in a circle around the camera to try and cover up my line problems and have a bit of depth to the fog to allow the units terrain to come into view gradually. I still don't like the hard line you see around the fog and don't know how to make this go away... The sky would be easier if I dump the textured sky and in the shader just make the sky colors blend in, but loose the clouds. And I don't want to loose the clouds. The terrain issue is bit harder and out of ideas since I have tried doing fog on the terrain where the fog wall it as and still didn't help. Any ideas or suggestions would be great.

On another note anyone here who actually reads my journal [grin] used XNA and C# as of yet? How is it for PC. I could care less for Xbox. Also has anyone used DX10 and DIP() and seen if it gets rid of the overhead costs for call it?

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Just a quick reply from me... regarding D3D10's lower overhead, it's damned near impossible to measure it for now. I suppose you could try, but there isn't any hardware and it's still a beta product so any "real world" results aren't available.

The SIGGRAPH paper on the dev-centre lists some timings that MS have done if you're interested. They correlate with the 10x performance boosts mentioned elsewhere.


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