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I've mostly been working on trimming down cConsole, but a new addition to the list of functions is setBG(char color);, which allows you to set an overall background color. Basically, you call setBG before you do anything (unless you want a black BG) and you start with a background of that color. Then, you can call output with either a value with only the foreground (0x0F for white foreground), and it'll OR the background with the foreground, or you can pass a background and foreground value (0xAF) and it'll override the setBG value.

I've also removed the flush boolean paramater from output, and added a flushBuffer() function, to make it easier to use output() properly.

Also, I've uploaded a new version of Arenamatic, complete with cConsole[.h/.cpp]. It's at the same link as usual, just above this post.

EDIT: The 'cyan' colored cConsole entry up top is just a temporary color I added to at least show I've been working on something. [wink]

EDIT2: What's with tags not working?
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Try not to worry too much about the implementation. It is a very simple project once you get down to it and when you complete it you'll wonder why it was so hard (I did anyway). A lot of people say "you cant make a game engine before you make a game," and I'm inclined to agree.

Anyway, good luck =) And thanks for commenting on mine. I'm definitely going to make a more robust console output class for project 2.

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