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I'm really starting to get into using Newton now. I've managed to get Newton working in a basic manner that doesn't have any hiccups any more. It works petty fast and accurately :)

So last night I started work on a wrapper class for Newton and managed to reimplement all the functionality I previously had directly using Newton all in the space of a few hours! The wrapper makes it much more intuitive to use Newton, so altering the physics in future should be a breeze. Had I have understood Newton from the beginning, I would have made the wrapper class immediately.

I've also been thinking about slightly rehashing the particle systems so I have something that integrates better with Newton and works more intuitively in general. I've thought about how to add text effects like spiralling text, fly-in text, expanding text and flashing text. This should allow me to add a bit more polish to my game so it's a bit more impressive as a portfolio piece. Finally, I've also been deciding on a way to improve my powerup system and have decided upon a solution that again will work better than the current system, allowing more flexibility in powerup effects.

Now I like the fact that I have a good roadplan to last me a couple of weeks or so, and by the time I'm done, I should have made good progress towards finishing the game. After that I just need to look into coding the powerups, AI code, finishing the game menu user interface and the high score table.

After that, in theory, it should be time to polish up the code, tighten the graphics (using a playstation controller... duh!) and get it in format ready for use in my portfolio.....must..... finish project..... so .... cloooose!!!
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