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Not much going on in the McDonald's front right now. Just a trickle of envelopes are coming in. Got three on Wednesday and three more yesterday. I don't know if they're going to continue at that pace or if one day my mailbox is gonna be bursting at the seams.

I have a small handful of unpeeled McDonald's game tickets with online codes to play at playatmcd.com. I'm not playing 'em right now, though, for two reasons.

1. I'd rather see if I can sell off the unpeeled's. The market's not really there since ebay put the kibosh on selling game tickets, but I might try other avenues.

2. The prizes right now are pretty-much worthless. This week the online prize is either a ringtone or a cellphone game, neither of which I care about. I think they're going to go back to the 25 free Snapfish pictures deal in early November, so I'll start playing again then. The Snapfish pictures are a good deal. Last year I was able to print 100 free pictures to put in Xmas cards for the relatives. Snapfish pictures look great and the price is right, so I'll wait.

So there's really not much to say. I have $10 in BB credit right now, and that ain't even enough for danged Leapster game, so I'll just wait.

Following getting SQLite working on the Mac, my games are working pretty seamlessly. I had an ugly crash bug in Duck Tiles and Bulldozer, but it turned out to be an old piece of code that was only in there for debugging purposes.

I did, however, find that Mac and Windows Flash rendering pipelines work a mite differently. For example, if a frame has some code that doesn't do anything other than go to another frame like this. . .

// check to see if the user has entered his magic code
var authorized;

[look up the user's magic code and see if he is authorized]

if (authorized) gotoAndPlay("mainMenu");

If the user is authorized, all this frame does is go immediately to the frame named "mainMenu". If not, it stays on the current frame until the user has properly entered his code and the code is authorized.

On Windows, it never bothers to render this frame if you're authorized. Since the only action that's taken is to move on to the next frame, it just hops to the "mainMenu" frame without rendering anything.

On the Mac, it renders the frame. Period. That means that when you run the game, even though you're authorized, the "enter your magic code" page flashes up for a moment before going to the main menu. It's just a cosmetic thing, but it's ugly, so I moved the "enter your magic code" page to a place on the timeline where it'll never be seen.
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