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Torch! Teaser and GDnet updates

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Haven't been around in a while, so just posting up a quickie.

First bit of news is that my teaser video for Torch!, the show I'm working in at Six Flags, is now up in my MySpace profile in my video space - just scroll down a bit. Production on the full show version is going well also. Get ready to check it out in full on Halloween!

Secondly I just want to announce that article updates will be on Mondays only for the forseeable future, instead of Mondays and Thursdays. While we work on getting our new article back-end complete so we can start receiving submissions again I need to start stretching out our current queue of articles so we don't run dry before then.

Other than that, life's been hectic as always. Stupid insurance company towed my car to a fre storage lot before I could get some stuff out of it, now it's a little over an hour away - makes getting to it a bit rough before work. Yesterday morning I was at the park with my Torch! buddies doing promo spots for the ch11 morning news with some other Fright Fest characters. Fright Fest is already half-over, gee time does fly.

Okay that's about it for now... more stuff to do... busy busy busy :P
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/me gets all beavis over the fire video.

Dang, I didn't know you could just throw stuff around. If that's the case, then any fatass who can juggle a three club cascade (such as myself) could get a job as a performer. I'll need to get some fire-clubs, though. My shiny purple ones just won't thrill 'em enough.

I got season passes to our local 6F. Been meaning to take the rugrat down there for the Halloween bit. She's excited about wearing her costume there.

I agree about stretching out the article queue. Once a week is plenty, as long as things aren't getting any more backed up. My Zinc review is basically done. Probably need to post it to Reviewers Central for comments.

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Fire clubs are much less dangerous than they look. The worst that can happen is you'll get some oily black stuff on you.

Ditto for juggling knives. If you look at 'em close up, the blades are very nicely rounded off so they just look sharp. The common gag is that you chop a watermelon in half to show the audience how sharp they are.

Of course, you can cut a watermelon in half with damn near anything if you swing it hard enough.

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I mean the flames affect the dynamics of the clubs, they don't spin like they do when not lit on fire. I didn't mean you'd be afraid, just a little extra practice needed, but it is a different experience

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