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Right now, right this minute infact, I'm toying with the idea of doing a Short sweet snippet type article for gamedev on the FBO, basically how to set one up to render to a texture.

This idea has basically come off the back of helping Ravuya add FBO RTT support to his stuff and the increase in FBO related forum traffic (and NeHe lacks a tutorial... or even updates of late.. on it so we can't just shove people off to a central resource).

In theory I can knock it off tonight, with a little example, probably using FreeGLUT for the windowing stuff and GLee for the extensions loading.

Just have to work on not making it too wordy, heh...
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That would be great! I've been meaning to learn those for ahwile now. Thanks.

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YES! Do it!! We need articles!!

Hrm... I suppose I shouldn't sound so desperate... [lol]

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