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Wooa... lef..., no... right.... no... LEFT LEFT LE

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I added some more 'environmental' stuff today in the form of plynth1. Each level has a set of classified environmentals the form of which can be altered through the event script.

In my first test I had quite a short release delay which meant that the level became quite crowded. Now, this is clearly too much for an early level but might be nice for a later level. It however did show the need for some kind of visual feedback system to alert the player they are about to bump into one of these environmentals.. maybe flashing them red or something. Otherwise when you are looking at the players ship to the left or right its quite difficult to match up whats heading directly towards it. My current thinking on this is to simply raycast directly ahead in an acute cone and mark off the closest to the player

As usual - here's a video of it in action:


Note, the player doesn't collide with anything yet - good job as I would have been dead rather quickly!
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Looking great as usual, Byron! [smile]

(By the way, could you scale that massive screenshot down? It's completely destroyed the margin sizes when I view your journal. :P)

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