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Onto the slime!!

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Mike Bossy


I finished up fixing all of my known bugs today. I'm not going to be crazy enough to think that there aren't any left but I feel confident in the quality of the game right now and I'll make any more fixes that are needed as the bugs arise. I'm going to create some simple installers for the demo version and the full game. I don't want to spend too much time on them since they probably are only going to be for my use right now.

Now that production is all but finished up it's time to begin the marketing slime. The first step is generating a list of "features" that my game has that will look nice in a sales pitch. I also want to do the same for my company as a whole. Game features are great for the consumer but you need to sell yourself as a reliable partner when dealing with a publisher.

After I get the propaganda list together then I want to create a one page product sheet for the game and a one page company profile sheet. Those sheets will become the foundation of the pitch package I'll use with publishers along with the demo bits and other more targeted material.
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Hi Mike,

You should put a link to your company website at the top of your journal. It looks like there is pretty good traffic on your journal, so it couldn't hurt to get some free advertising out of it. What do you think?

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