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Well, I'm glad I did the rewrite. The system is much more functional, works better, and it was much easier to write in animated tiles along the way than it would have been to go back and add them to my old design.

I decided to use the same design I am for OpenXna RPG (xml tileset file and text map file.) There a few differences (in my side-scroller any tiles can be any type, whereas in my RPG format each tile has a specific type.)

Animated tiles work great. I've setup continuous, reverting, and no-loop loop types. I also setup loop delay, so that you can specify a length between each loop (1 2 3 wait wait wait 1 2 3 for continuous and 1 2 3 wait wait 2 1 wait wait wait 2 3 for reverting.)

The new map system also uses the camera idea I mentioned a post or two back. The rendering function takes a reference to a camera that the game takes care of. The map system also keeps the camera in bounds.

I also set it up so that a map can be bigger or smaller than 125x125, which will be nice when I want a long, midly-straight level. It'll also be nice for one of the levels I have in mind (elevator type level.)

Anyway, new screenshot:

You can't tell, but the Mario-brick is animated with a frame-delay of .25 seconds and a loop delay of 2 seconds.

Not much left to do, so I'm off to finish.
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