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Back from the Dead

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Whew! I'm back and ready for action! I was able to work a bit on my design treatment while traveling and managed to flesh some more ideas out for the mystery adventure game I've got brewing. Also I've done a bit more work with Python and can now actually make a program without looking at a tutorial. [smile]


San Diego was great, got some color, some clothes and some great photos of all the animals I ran into while visiting Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. I've been doing a bit of partying this week and the girlfriend is coming over for the weekend so no progress for the next three days. [wink]


I just finished figuring out what classes I'll be taking for the next two years and now I need help deciding a name for my major! Here's the class list, you can help me decide a good name.

A/HI 211 - Foundations of Visual Communication
ART 251 - Computers in Visual Problem Solving
ART 270 - Graphic Design I
ART 354 - Digital Imaging
ART 372A - Design Production Process
ART 372B - Design Production Application
COMM 350 - Emerging Communication Technologies
CSCI 101 - Computers and Applications
CSCI 112 - Introduction to Internet Resource Creation
ENG 302 - Introduction to Technical and Professional Writing
ENG 350 - Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG 402 - Advanced Technical and Professional Writing
ENG 462 - Topics in Technical and Professional Writing
FAIR 275B - Intro to Digital Video Production
FAIR 440M - Culture and Emotion
JOUR 190 - Introduction to Mass Media
JOUR 330 - Principles of Public Relations
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