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So, the tutorial type 101 thing I muttered on about in my last entry is done... or at least, the text is done and the example is written, however I'm as yet to confirm the example works...


Because it seems I've accidently trashed part of my OpenGL drivers, attempting to use anything from about 1.4 upwards results in the ATI driver shouting abuse at you; either in the form of a nonsensical error about spec violations OR a crash in the ATI ogl dll system somewhere.


Now, on the upside I can fix this, it shouldn't be too much of a problem, just need to rip my drivers out, clean and reinstall... but, right now I don't want to [razz]

Sooooo, I'll do it tomorrow and then get the article thingy fired off, once I've got it confirmed as working, for Gaiiden to look over before I start work on the next two.

Yep, that's right, two more are planned, probably alot shorter than this one. One dealing with Multiple Render Targets vis FBO and GLSL (so kinda requires you to have a working knowledge of both) and one covering how to do basic shadow mapping via FBO attached depth textures (note; I won't be going into theory on this, just showing the setup and how it's done).

After that, well time allowing, unless I have some bright ideas I might throw it open to the cheap seats and see what people would like covered in the future [smile]

The rest of tonight however will be an orgy of food and tv watching... because I can... [grin]
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