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Name Change?

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So I had a mantastic discussion with Salsa in my last entry...apparently the current name of my game sux0rs [grin]. So I spent a few minutes typing up a list of potential names, already taken names, and a word bank of 'Gangsterific' words.

My publisher brought up the idea of changing the game's name after Konami released the *ahem* less than average game, called 'Crime Life: Gang Wars' which is the epitome of the 'trying to cash in on the gangster genre boom' game, average rating 2.0/10.0

Needless to say I'm hoping to do a little better than that with my game. I'm bringing some fresh elements to the table in terms of combining the RTS/Action genres, and including complete multiplayer (not just some ad-hoc bullshit). I'll spare you guys the list of uber-features my game has (which you should know by now if you follow my journal).

Anyways...Here is the 'list' so far...I'll be kicking around ideas for the next few days, but this is what I have so far (obviously I need you guys to let me know if I left anything out, or if you have a crucial name suggestion) -

Let's start out with the names that I can't use -
Grand Theft Auto
25 to life
Crime Life: Gang Wars
Saints Row
True Crime

Alright...now my current name -
Gang War: The Urban Gang Simulator

Some Potential names (in no particular order) -
Mob Rule: The Gangster Simulation
Crime Empire: The Gang Simulator
Mob City: The Gangster Underworld
Underworld : The Gangster Simulation
Blood Respect: The Gang Simulation
Crime Overlord
Hood War: The Gang Simulator
Thug Life: RIP Tupac...Respect ;-)
Gang World
Crime World
Crime City
Gang City: The Urban Gang Simulator
Gang Empire
Felony Wars: The path to perdition ;-)

Any my already incomplete 'word bank' which I will be adding to -
Black Hand
Cosa Nostra
The Mob

Yea...as you can see it's easier said than done to come up with an original name for a Gangster game, in this day and age. At least I'm not making a WW2 game, the only genre that might be more overcrowded.

Alright, I need feedback/suggestions, don't cop out on me now GameDev [grin]. I am trying to have the 'Urban Gang Simulation' bit (or something similar) in there, just because there is no denying the type of game I'm making, if thats in there.

There has not been a gangster simulation since 'Gangsters' back in '98 so that market is wide open. Also since most companies are focusing on the PS3/360 the PC market is begging for a sweet gangster game. My game is still quite unknown (and will stay that way until BETA+) so I don't think changing the name at this point will be a problem.

Personal Note
I've also just got my hands on a Logitech G15 'Gaming Keyboard'...yea it set me back like $100 bucks, but I'm a fan of it for sure.

This baby has got a LCD screen, and illuminated LCD keys as well! Yes they also included the C++ SDK so I'm gonna crank out some stuff for this bad boy (not just "Gang War" specific, but lots of other stuff). I was planning on coding up a Winamp plugin for it...but it already came with a perfect one, also you can switch to a clock/calander mode. Also it can tell you when you have a new e-mail!

In addition to that, it also has a mode that displays your system CPU/RAM usage. This is like the coolest thing I've got in a while (in like 2 weeks hehe). I could go on and on...but I highly recommend picking one of these up. Having the ability to scroll through your winamp playlist while in-game via the LCD screen is just too sweet. Before I was messing with the global-hotkeys, and some games blocked that functionality. I'm a happy camper though...honestly I can't think of any other gadgets to buy at this point in time...but I'll come up with something...don't worry...I'll come up with something.

- Dan
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You could always do what I do and name it after a cool noun. Casket, drive-by shootings, narcotics, you know.

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G15 is awesome :-)
I've coded a little app to show FPS and camera coordinate so I don't have to write them on screen while debugging eheh

About the names, I'll go with "Hood war"

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Guest Anonymous Poster


I like 'Gangsterific' the best. ^_^
Something short, possibly humerous. Nothing Long Title: Long Subtitle. Maybe include the short abstract as a quote under the title.

Crime City
'a first person fighting and gang stragey game'

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You need to keep it simple and don't necessarily need a tag line. I would suggest simply


then, if your publisher insists you can add a tag line like one of the many you already have listed. You only have to look at the most successful titles out there to see how names get shortened. First it was Grand Theft Auto, then it was referred to as GTA and now people just tend to say "The new GTA" or even just the tag line "Vice City".

Hood is simple, hasn't been used and is easy to remember.

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"Hood" sounds quite cool indeed. I dislike the modern "Title: subtitle" title style, but maybe that is something personal.

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Using your stock list of words, I definately think Urban Empires would be the best combination. I'm already envisioning a really cool logo for it (hehe). Basically you want something that is ICONIC. That name connotates a strong and encompassing idea, and it rolls off the tongue quite nicely with its parallel syllables.

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The feedback is much appreciated.

Ravuya - Lol...I should just call the game "Drive-by-shooting", and leave it at that.

Giallanon - I think I'm going to make an App for this keyboard that will show the contents of your clipboard....or just part of it, or even just the name of the file you last copied in Explorer. I might use that sometime. "Hood War"...sounds pretty good.

AP - Not a fan of the "Title: Subtitle" method eh? I was just doing that to remove all doubt of the type of game it is, though I guess it's not very "smooth".

Emmanuel Deloget - Urban Jungle...is in the right direction...that's the type of imagery I'm trying to elicit.

ukdm - So I guess the "Title: Subtitle" method has got to go :-) Well that kind of shorting could apply to any title for instance...my current "Gang War: The Urban Gang Simulator" (on the game's box) -> "Gang War" (conversation) -> "GW" (typing). "Hood" is simple, but I'm not really trying to go too much towards the "ghetto-gangster". I'm trying to have some sort of throw back to the true Gangsters of the 1920s, the Italian mafia. Also there are 3 types of gangs in the game...Black, Latino, Italian...so I don't want to put too much emphasis on a single gang type.

johnhattan - Yes, that is one of my favorites.

roel - Yea there seems to be a lot of dislike for the "Title: Subtitle" method.

Salsa - Urban Empires combined with a memorable logo would probably be my best option...my only gripe is that it's not directly gang related in any way...just figuratively. Gangs (in the sense I want people to see them) are literally "crime empires that reside in an urban area". I do think it's my best bet so far.

Thanks again for the feedback guys, I appreciate it!

- Dan

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Urban Empires. The Empires makes it sound cool, and it fits the strategy aspect. :)
Crimeworld Empires. Underworld Empires... or... GangLords. Lord of War/Warlord led to that one...

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Urban Empires. The Empires makes it sound cool, and it fits the strategy aspect. :)
Crimeworld Empires. Underworld Empires... or... GangLords. Lord of War/Warlord led to that one...

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Hmmm...double post, or two different anonymous posters with the same idea two minutes apart...I guess we'll never know ;-)

I like that...Underworld Empires, Urban Empires, Gang Lords, or Urban Empires: The Gang Lords...ok, ok I know the "Title: Subtitle" thing is not very popular.

- Dan

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Urban Empires... I like that.

I like it better singular, as in "Urban Empire". It reminds me of "Empire" by Queensryche. =b Adding the tagline to the end of the title wouldn't be such a bad idea since the new title may not be quite as descriptive as "Gang War". I vote to keep it.

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Urban Empires has my vote!

Scratch the subtitle. "Half-Life" doesn't have a subtitle, and your title would make more sense in my opinion (I know exactly what Half-Life means and how it relates to the story, btw... I'm talking about purely from a genre and what sort of game it is standpoint!)

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Well I guess Urban Empires it is. It's going to take me some time to adjust...you know. It's been 3 years of Gang War. Why do I feel like I just cheated on a girlfriend lol.

It will be a change for the better though.

- Dan

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Extreme cheesiness warning :)

"Blood on the Streets"
"Grit City"
"The Bullet and the Blade"
"Time for Crime"
"For Life, Yo"
"Urban Oaths"
"The Thrill of the Kill"

..of course, I don't *really* expect you to take me seriously ;)

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Don't worry about it, your girlfriend was sleeping with Warsong anyway.

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Well, on the name side of things, I had the idea of 'The Job', but a quick google shows me it was a TV program a few years ago. But it ended a few years ago, so the copyright might not exsist anymore.

About the buying side, I suggest 'I Want One Of Those' (www.iwoot.com / www.iwantoneofthose.com). The slogan: "Stuff you don't need, but you really, really want". It's got things from projector keyboards to underwater scooters to usb hamster wheels to spider catchers to replica lightsabers.

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