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Alas, a wasted weekend!

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For some reason, I just can't summon up motivation on the weekend. This means no studying for my (three!) midterms this week and no development on Skirmish. I did manage to watch all of the Full Metal Alchemist anime though, which I absolutely loved. Was it worth losing a weekend over? Likely not. Ah well. Live and learn.

GameDev Club

I met with Kasra (the pres!) today at our usual time and place, and with him was our new Art Director and Audio Director. Awesome. With 4 heads bouncing ideas around, it was far more intense than just Kas and me, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what gamedev havoc we'll get to wreak. [smile] Bwahaha.

Knowing how tight my week is going to be, I wisely got started on the slides for this week's meeting on Wednesday, for which I'll be handling the Beginner session. Which means I need to keep these folks busy for roughly an hour (more like 45 mins :P) full of gamedev goodness. I'll post up a copy of the slides the day before to get some feedback from you guys; you all know that I respect your opinions when it comes to gamedev matters. (Well, most of you :P)


Gah, my rating has been sitting at 1493 for weeks now. Can someone(s) be a pal and boost me up to 1500 to gratify my ego? Seriously*, it's starting to affect my work. I'll dish out metaphorical cookies! [smile]

* Okay, it's not. I just felt I had to rave about something. [grin]
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Yeah, you've already got my top rate too. You're a brave man to post about ratings though, given the traditions.

Sorry to hear about Skirmish, but at least you're being practical. Maybe after a break from it you'll feel like coming back to it.

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