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Stuff being done

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Although at a decreased rate I assure you that functionality is occurring.
  • Propane Injector: I am getting more classes down. Matrix, vector and now quaternion are all added and tested thoroughly, with a simple camera class for the quaternion. The model class is going to be next on the repair block.
    • Also, a game scene editor and entity xml description is in the works. My idea is to make you produce an XML list of all your entity "types" and then provide an editor which allows you to place them as well as edit solid geometry (sort of like the Genesis3D level editor's ability to read header files). I've got sort of a dummy version of it up and running in Qt, though I think that I'll have to read some more documentation as I can't seem to find a WinForms-style "latch to edges" feature when resizing the window.
    • Last on this front, Propane::HTTP and Propane::UI are going to be pretty much revamped soon to try and improve their re-usability in game code, and then implemented in my game project.
  • Game Project: I have a quaternion camera working, and next up I'm going to be taking a look at how to manage scenes effectively (which will involve my editor and camera). Mostly, though, I'm going to be playing oolite instead of studying for my exams or working on my game. I'm so weak! [crying]
    • Also, hopefully I'll be writing more about Lua in this journal as I start to implement it in my game. Maybe a Propane Injector script-binding handler will occur, as Lua seems to have the same binding oddities as SHilbert's SHilScript implementation.
    • If you're really hard up for screenshots, I made one here. Gaze upon it and stare in awe.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for dropping by. Don't forget to pick up your complimentary gift basket from HopeDagger's journal!
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