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Big bada boom!

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A few weeks ago we decided to insert a big singelplayer campaign. Just multiplayer with bot support will not be enough.

First time i finished network gameplay a little. Its now working quite stable with normal weapon usage(no flamer and no grenades). We used RakNet to implement netcode and i can really recommend it.

Next step was inserting nice physics effects using ODE which works like a charm too [grin]
These things were inserted
  • You can carry any object if not too heavy and build your own cover for example
  • You can throw these objects
  • Ragdoll applied on characters from any animation pose
  • Objects fly around if shot and bullet has enough force
  • Objects can be destroyed if destrcution levels are defined and health is shot down(planks break, barrels explode, tables break ...)
  • Particles cause damage if objects/players are close enough, so barrels explode after a while if they burn)
  • Grenades can be launched if weapon has mounted launcher
  • Complex structures can be build and blasted away
  • nice explosions inserted spawning physics objects wih attached fire [wow]
  • ... and again some stuff i forgot for sure

    Next is first singleplayer mission using all this stuff. Will try to update journalmore often now.

    Any comments are welcome [wink]

    Click here to watch physics testlevel video (51MB).

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    Looks great. Your graphical style is very "clean" everything looks too perfect. Maybe add shadows on objects, and darken the scenes to create more dramatic lighting.

    The physics seemed to be a little "slow", almost like in lower gravity. The physics integration looked very solid/stable. I liked the breaking objects, and the explosions. Looks awesome, just needs to happen faster. Was it just running slow because you were recording a video? That happens to me sometimes :-/.

    Also your death sound made me chuckle, maybe make it sound more painful [grin].

    Overall I really like how clean your tech looks. Keep up the good work.

    - Dan

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    Thx for comment Dan.

    Yes of course there will be shadows from objects. This is somewhere on the endless todo list.

    Physics seems to be slow. A while ago we discussed it internal too but if you see it that way again and again it feels normal after a while [wink] Recording video let things appear choppy sometimes [rolleyes] Later today i will post a new video with physics running 20% faster

    About sound, hehe, yes it is temp sound. It sounds even funnier if a couple of male and female bots die near you [looksaround]


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