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Screenshot update

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Finally finished the level editor and have been able to go back to actually working on the game. Haven't posted a screenshot for a few weeks so here is the current state of play:

Testing the mines

Classic but tricky puzzle

The red rocks are all lethal to the touch (they're radioactive or something, I don't care why) which makes manouvering about one of the main challenges. The brown cardboard boxes can be blown up by your missiles and drop down if the box underneath them is destroyed and the weird slightly kinky looking blobby things are examples of mines that move either left to right or up and down, bouncing of the walls, and explode if you touch them, killing you.

Nothing exactly earth-shatteringly original but it is getting more fun to play with each passing hour now. My girlfriend even played a level through earlier on today, which if you appreciate the general level of interest she has in the "games" I write is actually quite a positive sign.

I'm actually really happy that due to posting about this game in the journal and just generally being a bit actively involved in the community here, I have managed to get beyond the several points in this game's development where I would have always given up and scrapped it in the past. I am well aware that this is only ever going to be a dumb 2D spaceship game, but it is very satisfying to be approaching a point where a game is actually finished.

I suppose I'm really trying to say "Thank you, GameDev and all its members". I've learned a hell of a lot in my brief time posting here. Hard to believe it has only been eight months really.

Anyway, I'm getting a bit emo, so I'm going to go now. Night all.
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Awesome. I can certainly empathize with the wonderful feeling of coming far along on a game, and the excellent motivational boost having a community nestled around you gives off. Hats off to you and your dedication. [smile]

(Oh, and how's about giving us a release date? [grin])

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12th September 2012. That should give me enough of a buffer to deal with unforseen bugs. [smile]

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