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The output of a bearly functioning brain...

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I've not felt this out of it after a night out in ages... I'm thinking around a year or so... it was a good night *chuckles*

Work on the articles is progressing, having uncovered what looks like an ATI driver bug on x64 with regards to FBOs I've sent off the example program for testing by Rick at some point, once it's confirmed working on NV hardware without problems (or with problems I expect at least) I'll make a few notes in the article and get it sent off [smile]

Now, on.. Sunday I think it was.. I got added on MSN by someone random and being the friendly sort I am I authed it [grin]

After a bit of waiting the person in question messaged me and was infact working on porting TGTL to work on Linux and OS X, including Big Endian support in the DDS filter (something I knew would have to be done but... well, I didn't want to, heh).

The person in question is one Micheal Jung and he has done some impressive work, indeed I need to respond to his last email informing me of some changes and an idea.

Right now GTL is known to work on;
- Win32
- Win64
- ARM9/GP2x
- OS X (PPC and PPC64)
- Linux (x86)

He has been working on the SVN version, so if anyone is intrested they should take a look. At some point, once a few more changes are completed I should update the site and the docs.

Still, the spread of the project has increased, infact I'll be happier using it in example code now that it has a decent spread of target it will work on [smile]

I believe Michael also intends to turn his eye towards OGLWFW at some point, however as that's due a mass recode I'm not sure how it will be best to move forward with that, maybe have him get the code working for the current system (which is in CVS) and then I can port the code and build rules etc to the new version.

If this gets done then it would be doubly sweet as both would finally be truely cross platform libraries and not just a dream.. then all we have to do is get people to start using them instead of the cr... errm, stuff which is already out there [wink]

Right, my brain is now spent, heh...
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