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Advancements in Ravuya Technology

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What will the Ravuya of the future look like? Scientists think it will look a little something like this:

  • Propane Injector: Not much done on this lately. Worked some more on the Qt interface for the Propane scene editor. I think I could probably work Lua into this and then somehow create an indie alternative to Torque 2DGE. But that's a market I don't want to get into. I did a bit more work on the Doxygen stuff though.
    • I'd also like to make the sprite manager more awesome; a texture atlas system would be outlandishly useful.. but now I'm just thinking out loud.
  • Amazing Game Project: Well, I'm pretty sure the camera works now. I also have pseudo-projection working so I can have those neato selection rectangles around things, like in Deus Ex, which is another life's goal in my game development career. That's actually kind of sad to think about.
    • I'm also working on the control architecture -- anyone got a good idea for how to cleanly handle joystick, mouse and keyboard mappings at the same time in SDL?
    • A future tip to those of you who want to do heavy integration of scripting: Develop your scripting language binds as you develop the core engine functions you want to bind them to. It makes life so much easier!
  • Other projects: I don't have any other projects really on the go right now. It's amazing how midterm pressure can clean out my portfolio. I might pick up my scripting language again nearer the end, or clean up my hardware collection. Man, I'm really out of it. I can't even think of what projects I'd like to have on the go.

That's all for now. I'm sorry for not having any major screenshots. I can probably make some up for the selection rectangles and the totally awesome HUD shader. And maybe of the configuration system, brought over from Glow -- except now it works with command line arguments. Man, I'm a dork.
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I look forward to the coming of my future metallic overlord, the Ur-Ravuya.

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My future-body is gonna be just like Christina Ricci's, so I can spend all day touching my boobies.

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