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Well, if this isn't awesome I don't know what is

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Well you all know those "key cards" you have at school, work and so to get inside. You slide the card in the machine and it let you go in. Yes?
Well, we had these to get to work on my current workplace, but last week they changed this.
Any one wanna guess what we use now?

Well I can tell you. We use our fingerprints, stick your finger in the machine and it'll let you through.

How cool isn't that! :)
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That there's part of that cashless society that'll lead to the mark-of-the-beast and the rapture in anticipation of the return of Jesus Christ on a giant flying horse to fight Satan at the Battle of Armageddon in which Satan will be defeated and we celebrate a thousand years of victory over evil.

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Have you seen that Mythbusters episode where they foiled a fingerprint scanner with a photograph of a fingerprint?

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Original post by johnhattan
My biggest worry would be that the previous person left a booger on the sensor.

:) that would be me... :)

@Ravuya: No i haven't seen it, which episode is it? Sounds like a fun episode.

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As I recall they cracked the most "crack-proof" thumb-print scanner using pretty much every way imaginable.

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