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Da Big Boyz (and more orky talk!)

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Da Big Boyz:

The big blorp splits into small ones:

The original code took 20 minutes, but fixing the bug afterwards took much more. You see, the small blorps that would come out would sink into the ground and become impervious to damage(so in other words, they used No-clipping and God mode). After much bug searching and debugging, it turns out that the bug occured because I assumed the small blorp default constructor had been called when it hadn't. Well, what's done is done, and it works now.
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wow really good job; i like it!!

can't wait for another demo (i know, i know, u just had one, i'm greedy)

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I'll release another demo once I complete this level. And, I'll make sure to release at least one demo for each level I complete.

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