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Mac vs PC discussion

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Recently I was browing Paul Thurrot's Winsupersite, as many of you probably know he is someone who is keeping track of Vist aand how things are going, he also maintains a Windows news site with a few other people where they put news up. I became interested in some posts about vista and first thing I see is the following garbage:


notice how the Mac zealots are immediatly pumping out how much a PC sucks shit? I mean honestly, what is the point in starting this sort of discussion? Its all urban legends I am reading there, one mac user already specced up that it was completly cheaper to buy a high end Apple notebook against a Dell Notebook, ofcourse when there was further inspection of the equation people immediatly noticed he had taken some interesting crap assumptions to make the notebook of apple cheaper:

- Buy an Antivirus protection
- Reinstall Windows XP
- Remove bloatware
- setup automatic update

Seriously? Who is this guy a PR manager of apple, I admit PC's and windows have its flaws, but lets look at the big picture here. of the entire Consumer PC market 95% is PC, and 5% is apple. When apple makes a new OS they force it down your throat you either buy new hardware and upgrade to the software or you just buy an upgrade. Which is fine, but then tunning to people about how they release Operating systems more consitently then seriously you need a rain check. The difference between the microsoft of today and the microsoft of yesterday is that they have honestly been trying to make a good operating system out of Vista. Yes they delayed stuff yes they broke promises. But honestly, I do not know about you but I think Vista might be a very welcome change to XP yes it is 6 years overdue, but as the slogan goes, beter delay and have a good game then having a bad game in history.

Honestly MacOSX is a good operating system yes it is secure, yes its more stable but again I digress that a PC you can build yourself, it is something you do yourself your not dependant on a Apple store, you can go to newegg.com buy items and you can build your own PC and install your own software, but with this responsibility also comes the software issue, Software is something that is extremely dependant on your HArdware, and drivers that you put into it. Windows XP is very vunerable in that area, where Apple has only apple hardware completly written for their specs its much easier to fix bugs when they crop up rather then the 2000 scanners, 3000 videocards that a PC can have. Does apple really have all of this flexibility?

Apple chose the route to remove this flexibility and then decided to build the hardware themselves, yes this makes them stable, and more reliable and sometimes faster. But also a hell lot more expensive. PC's have more software, this is not a fanboy statement but its a fact, on a PC there is tons and tons of software you can buy/try for free. Apple also has software, lots of it is made by apple and it tends to be high grade, but again i digress by saying that in the computer world where people want a choice flexibility is more important then just a few choices you have. Futhermore the apple might be the most secure apple now, but there comes a time where 30% of the market becomes apple and they basically get rooted just as bad as microsoft is, because the higher you become in the market the more suspectible to this sort of junk you become.

By no means do I hate the apple, but I have a strong distate for the bothersome Apple fanboys and the distortion field STeve job erects aroudn himself, its inmature and pure batnering, Vista is late yes, but some of the features Microsoft had in vista for years were stolen by MacOSX so honestly its not like Microsoft is the only pure evil in this mall practice. Itunes is horrible to use, I have 3 Ipods, and when I connect them I have to rip the music again for each specific ipod because I cannot exchange the music files like that. And the Creative ZEn does allow me to do that. But this is all bothersome mussing. In the end you have a choice to make you make this chice on what you need , and if you want the most flexibility the PC is the best choice for now, if you want a simple OS rock solid stability and you just want to surf go buy an apple. But please, do not think one of the mtwo is beter then the other, they excell in different areas!

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couldn't agree with you more ^^ I used a few macs in my lifetime, but that was before Apple was "retaken" by Steve jobs, I remember a few run ins I had with the Mac crashing on me, or where I moved files from a CD-ROM and then took the CD-ROM out and it all dissapeared again.

The problem I just have with some people is that they try to force their will on others, I admit I have a sort of Bias against apple, but honestly I do not midn there is an alternative for people who rather not get stuck with malware and the crap Windows can cause, but apple is by itself no angel either. And if people just realize that, then we would all be beter friends ;)

I just hate it that there are these zealots going on a windows news site just to laugh at the PC users, and honestly... I think the same aobut PC users bashing Apple users, let people do what they want. But stop trying to make it look one sucks harder then the other :p they all have the same strenghts.

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