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I'm going to go do something else now

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This is one of those times where I take a break from the current project before my mind explodes, and I go do some other project for a break. I had a few ideas, but what I decided to ultimately do was revive Bola (the "Breath of Life Animator").

Bola was an old project I made while I was still green with Win32. It was a simple animation editor made to work with my sprite animation engine. I eventually stopped working on it because it wasn't going as well as I'd have liked, and editing the animation files as text files still worked for me. Well ... that's too slow now. [smile] The player's animation file alone is way too big; it's taking me forever to make changes. Like, if I add a few frames to an animation, first I need to edit the number count for the images, then insert the images in the right spot, then edit that into the animation, then (and here's the stinky part) edit all the trailing animations because the index number for the pictures they reference has changed.

Yeah. No one ever accused me of being a genius.

Anyway, here's Bola as it looks the last time I touched it (last year) ....

Actually not the worst thing. It uses the Windows clipboard, and has things like onion skinning and a window playing the current animation being edited. I don't even really need very advanced drawing functions (simple ones are in there anyway) since the sprites for TMS are just straight Blender renders. Plus I have experience from working on my tilemap editor (MapSlapper) so I should be able to add things like Undo/Redo functionality now without much trouble.

I'm going to make a list of what I would need this thing to do in order to make a dent in my production time. Hopefully not much. The custom Bola file format is going to be useful anyway, since I don't want any old hack opening my Allegro datafile and stealing my images. You image-stealing image stealers, you.
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You image-stealing image stealers, you.

Ha ha!

Give me your images, or I will shoot this dog. (Insert pic of dog with gun to its head here.)

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Original post by Ironwolf
What is this graphics program you are using? I need one for my projects!

"Using"? I'm not using it; I'm writing it. [smile]

Feel free to suggest functionality. I don't really feel like it would be of much use to people other than myself (unlike my tilemap editor) but that could change if it gets useful enough.

EDIT: You deleted your post!! [wow]

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