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Actual gameplay related crap

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I gave up on my culling stuff, it's been a complete waste of two weeks that could have been spent on gameplay. I can get a decent FPS in Doom 1 and 2, so I'll just use them for now.

Here's the "roadmap":
- Collision
- Line triggers(doors,switches,etc.)
- Weapons
- Deathmatch

Well I don't need monster AI for deathmatch, so it's a somewhat more realistic goal. I hope to have some basic network code in by the new year.


Up until now I've been using Ben's midi player, which while functional didn't exactly provide a ton of functionality. Here's how music works in id.Net:

1) When the program starts it searches the music directory for an external files(mp3s and whatnot).

2) When a level is loaded the music loader checks if a file matches the levels name or the lump name that goes with it. So if you wanted something for E1M1 it could be called "e1m1.mp3" or "d_e1m1.mp3", this saves on disk space since some of the levels share the same music lump. The search is also case-insensitive.

3) If there's no file, save the music MUS lump and run it through MMUS2MID to convert it to midi, then play that file.

This is done using FMOD, since MDX is severly lacking when it comes to audio.

Cheat codes(aka THE CODES!!!)

Well only one cheat code, idclev, which allows me to warp between levels. Not much use for the others right now, but at least the cheat code reader is functional.


This was basically meant to test line collision, but I thought I'd let everyone know I have working line triggers. I've been toying around with trying to get the Icon Of Sin to activate based on the teleportation sound. It's probably the easiest monster to implement.

That's it for now, here's a nice aerial screenshot I got while flying around:
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Sounds good. [smile]

There's a bug in the original DOOM relating to music, which I (unintentially) also made in my code. The bug is "fixed" in MMUS2MID, which means that the MIDI music it exports sounds wrong.

I noticed the bug in the Chocolate Doom port, so wrote my own converter and submitted this. The quirk is in lines 316-327.

I never really worked out why MMUS2MID was so horribly complicated.

Another quirk is that the original DOOM cares not for the four byte MUS header, and will happily play MUS lumps even if they have PWAD as a header instead (as one PWAD does).

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Yeah the sound to E1M8 sounded a little weird. I might give MUS2MID or QMUS2MID a try as well and compare the three. Regardless, the FMOD synthesizer sure sounds better than the one in the original Doom.

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Original post by Scet
Regardless, the FMOD synthesizer sure sounds better than the one in the original Doom.
Surely that just uses whatever hardware you've got in the machine? (Failing that, the Windows softsynth, which sounds significantly worse than any DOS-era sound card). [rolleyes]

I'd love to find an OPL3 SoundFont for that oldschool feel. [smile]

The most noticable "problem" level is MAP02 in TNT, where the sound is completely off if you just truncate the velocity to 7-bit.

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I tried TNT MAP02 in both Chocolate Doom and id.Net and it sounded awful in both. Oh well, like I said I'll give the other converters a shot and see how they fair. But I really don't want to use some cheap hack just to play certain maps "perfectly".

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