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lol, so my dial-up punishment period is officially over. Hooray.

Also, apparently someone caught on to my abuse of the UNIX cluster. Specifically, I've been transferring data off via Apache - throw it into the public_html folder and then downloading it from there. Well, this morning, Apache redirected requests for *.avi and *.mp3 files to port 8880, which is a dummy port, which made wget spaz out a little. (HTTP 302: FOUND... Waiting for response...)

Granted, changing the extension on the file easily got around that.

The way I see it, they really can't stop me from tunneling through the cluster without blocking access completely somehow. I dunno though, I've never done that kind of networking stuff, and I have to take Computer Architecture before I can take the Networks course.

In any case, if they block file transfers by reading in header information, I'll XOR encrypt the data; if they block transfers of large files I'll write my own transfer program instead of going through Apache.

As Tron3k said it best - it would be cool if I had a nemesis sitting on the other end playing these games with me. I guess we've been watching too much Death Note ;)

Episode 4 out today/tommorrow!! :D
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