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God I'm tired

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What a long week. Two more hours then I can go home and enjoy a Friday night.

We all seem to be in a situation in life where one's job is either boring or stressfull. I've personally never been able to find a medium between the two.

Don't get me wrong. I like doing sales. I'm just feeling a bit burnt out at the moment. It annoys me that I go home with so little energy that I find it hard to make progress on my programming projects.

I mean, it is Friday today and I've no reason to get up tomorrow. Ten years ago I would have been up until 3am coding away and not thought twice about it but these days if I'm still awake at 11pm it will be a miracle.

Sorry for being so negative, but I'm paying for this journal and if I feel like having a moan, I'm going to damn well have one. [smile]

Thank you.

[EDIT] Feeling much better now. Had a couple of beers, as is my wont on a Friday night, and have developed the level editor a bit. Plan is to try to open a dialog on Monday with the powers that be to improve my bonus scheme a bit at work. If that fails, time to start casting around for a new job really. I will intersperse details of how this progresses among screenshots and ramblings about 2D shoot-em-up structures.
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Glad to here things picked up for you. I know how you feel though, I was going through that a bit just last week. We'd been working towards a milestone at work, so lots of long hours and bug-fixing of the most frustrating kind. We made it though and were given today off. I needed it. The weekends had been only just enough to recharge my batteries before the working week started again. Even though I had little time after work, I managed to work on my game. But I think that was because I was at the beginning of the project and getting lots of visual feedback about the progress I was making. It's a lot harder to remain motivated when your over-hauling some invisible system that only you are likely to see.

Here's a thought: if a couple of beers made you feel better, just imagine how much better you'd feel after another couple ;-)))

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(next morning)

Yep - you were right about the other couple of beers. Why is it though that the more I drink the night before, the earlier I get up the next day (it's 7:40am in the UK)?

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