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Formal Project Proposal

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With any research project you have to formally say what you are going to do and what you plan to look at, and a 3rd year degree project is no different in that regard.

As such I present for your edification my formal presentation document.

In a shocking move for me I've infact done this a few days early, it doesn't have to be in until the tuesday, however I plan to hand it in on the monday morning when I'm next in college.

It's done early because tonight and tomorrow night I'm going to be horrendously drunk and thus sunday my brain won't be in any condition to do much beyond go 'meh' at things and maybe make some corrections based on any feedback I get from my project supervisor.

It's being handed in early because monday night is the Halloween party at the club I goto and in keeping with the theme of my life of late I will be.. yep... horribly drunk... and thus I don't plan to come around any time on tuesday before 4pm or so... or if I'm awake in body my brain certainly won't be, thus get the work in early and not worry about it.. huzzah!

So yeah, enjoy the read... [smile]
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