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I found this awesome Flash site template online. I normally like making my own websites, but this one was just too cool. I figured $56, not too bad, why not. I went ahead and bought it. Unfortunately, it was designed as one huge Flash file. I haven't worked with Flash much at all, I was able to update some of it, but wow, there is a lot to it.

I am sure anyone who has looked for templates has seen this one (I wish they had a phpBB template to match :P ):

It sure beats the one I am using now:

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Theres no question, it is defiantly an improvement. I dont really care much for the poorly rendered skull thing, its like n64 quality, although it might just be the quality of the screen. Not worth $56 bucks in my eyes, but I would also never pay for a website template with a community of people who could produce the same if not better, and could use the money more for that matter :). Im a sucker for supporting the little guys.

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I am all for supporting the little guy, but where would I find someone that could do that for $56? Also, this is a nice kick in the ass to learn a little bit about flash.

Here is a link to the site (still under construction) It loads very slow though :( ...

Nocturnal Games Flash site

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Just throw up a help wanted on here for anything computer related, theres always someone. If I knew how to make websites, I would do it for alot cheeper then that if im new to it and need the experience.

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