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One more danged thing happening

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Mac games are up. I'm not 102% happy because they're in Rosetta so they're slow on Intel, but Zinc's not promising Universal Binary support until early 2007 and I figured I might as well put the games up now and offer a free 1.1 version upgrade later.

I made loads of small improvements to the page. The storefront now has Mac. I also added an "order by snail-mail" feature for you folks who want a paper trail. . .


It did give me a chance to make a printable document with FlashPaper. Shelly insists that it be done in Acrobat with fill-able form boxes turned on, but I'm going with compatibility. Rather than hoping the prospective buyers have the latest Acrobat, I only have to assume they have Flash 7. . .and if they manage to get that far in thecodezone.com, they clearly do :)

I also added the embedded currency convertor, in case you wanna pay with Euros or Gambian Grickles or somesuch wampum like that. I had no problem clearing a Canadian check with The Code Zone's bank (Chase), so I guess it's time to stress-test 'em with something else.

And yes, I'm gonna wait for those checks to clear before anything gets sent. Apparently check forgery is a freakin' art-form in some countries.

If you're a registered user of Bulldozer or Duck Tiles, click that "check for upgrades" link in the Setup Panel (that little gear-looking-thingy in the corner). It should tell you that there's a version 1.01 available and should gently usher you to the download page to get it.

Hopefully. Seems like every time I upgrade something I break something. And I upgraded about eight things this time :)
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